The reservoir is pretty full...over 84%. That said - the water temp is between 68º and 72º. This puts the fish cruising deeper for cool water but still feeding fairly shallow on damsels and dragons. Callibaetis are coming off also.

  • Floater lines - for dries and emerges in shallow areas. Great for damsel dries and nymphs just below film.

  • Intermediate lines - main player - damsels and dragons and emerging callibaetis Type III - pulling damsels and leeches deeper.

Leaders for floater and intermediate should be around 12'. I like 2x leaders but the squeamish can do 3x. Fish fairly slow. 4-6" pulls with pauses. Two fly systems make a lot of sense. We have the best selection of leeches, damsels, callibaetis, dragons, scud's, etc in central Oregon. We'll show you what is working among these currently.


**Cranebows are wild bows and must be released**

East and Paulina Lakes

The lake is in good shape. Water temps in high 50s to mid 60s. Great for damsels - callibaetis and weed growth. Plan on fishing a floater for dries (callibaetis and ants). The floater is also good for shallow emergers and fishing over weeds on the shoreline.

The intermediate covers damsels - callibaetis - buggers - leeches - rufus patterns and an assortment of attractor flies that work at East and Paulina.

Type III or VI line can get those streamers, Boobies, and Rufus patterns deep during the day.

The callibaetis are the main players at East over the shoal areas and into the beaches. Not an early morning bug generally but mid morning into early evening can be productive. You can fish them on the surface - in the top 4' or deep. Pick your poison.

If you don't want to fish callibaetis patterns - a variety catches nice fish with using a callibaetis pattern. They take streamers - leeches - Rufus patterns plus callibaetis, dries, and emergers.

Hosmer Lake

Hosmer is full of water. Nice to see it full. Water temps are fairly warm. 60s-70s. Channel and other spots can have much cooler water. Callibaetis - caddis (evenings) - damsels - dragons - scuds are all important.

Floater and intermediate lines are your players. Long leaders , like 12' are important.

Besides callibaetis - the fish like leeches, damsels, dragon patterns, Rufus patterns, and small streamers.

Large rainbows and cutts are stocked in the lake.

Have fun - you can catch big fish in a variety of methods.

Fall River

This is the shop's stream year round. Summer is fun on the Fall. Lot's of fish and they are willing for dries, emerges, and streamers. What fun!

A floater lines all you need. 9' leaders in a flouro or regular. Top dries are PMD, caddis, terrestrials, and attractors like the Lady Di.

A two fly systems on hopper dropper or nymph to nymph makes sense. We have some specialty nymphs and streamers that work on the Fall.

Upper Deschutes

The water between Little Lava and Crane Prairie is the popular stretch of the Upper D. It is a beautiful mountain meadow stream. Great solo or with families. 7.5' leaders and a floater line gets it done.

Dries will bring up the brook trout and rainbows. Mostly small fish eat the dries but it is still fun. Basic attractor dries, caddis, and mayfly patterns all work. The Lady Di can bring up a bigger fish.

Nymphing the holes is important for big fish. Two fly systems make a lot of sense. Basic drift skills and high sticking skills will get you big fish.

Streamers also work. Work the under cuts for bigger fish.

South and North Twin Lakes

Lakes are great family lakes. Good beach areas for picnicking and gear fishing. A great place to get the little kids started. These lakes are important when the wind is blowing you off other large lakes. When windy - go to North or South Twin.

The lakes have callibaetis, caddis, damsels, dragon, scuds, etc. They are bowl shaped for depth. Floater for surface, intermediate near shore, and a type III or faster off the drops.

We fish these lakes and a variety of stuff works. Come on in to the shop and let us show you how to get set up. Large rainbows are stocked in both lakes. We landed one on a type III line that was 11 or 12 pounds. Not bad!

Crooked River

The Crooked is picking up. Good flows for the fly people. Use a 4 or 5 weight rod - 7.5' leaders. Flies are fairly small for the Crooked. A great place for beginners or advanced. Beautiful scenery and east access. We guide the Crooked and our guides are having great days.